Thank you for visiting the official blog of the New York State Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce(TERT)........TERT involves a comprehensive program that includes assistance to individual states in developing programs that would lead to the establishment of predetermined and selected trained teams of individuals who can be mobilized quickly and deployed to assist communications centers during disasters..........

Monday, November 19, 2012

NY-TERT's newest TERT Team Leaders

New York State's Newest TERT Team Leaders

TERT Team LeaderTraining completed in Westchester County on November 14, 2012
Instructor: D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP - New York State TERT Deputy Coordinator

Adam Feuer - Rockland County
Patricia Mensler - Dutchess County
Gina DiLeo-Acuna - Westchester County
Ray Stretz - Westchester County
Glen Cappello - Westchester County
Dan Nastro - FDNY
James Martin - FDNY
Juan Gonzalez - FDNY
Claudia Medina - FDNY
Margaret Walsh - FDNY
James Matheos - FDNY
Chris Butcher - Orange County
Chris Carney - Orange County

Congratulations to NY-TERT's newest TERT Team Leaders

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