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Monday, November 5, 2012

Additional NY-TERT support still needed

Forwarded request from NYS TERT Coordinator Merklinger this morning; if you're receiving this a second time, it means you're on more than one e-mail distribution list relating to NY-TERT

To keep all of you in the loop we still have 8 people at Suffolk. We have 4 from Monroe and 4 from Onondaga. We are making arrangements for relief crews for Thursday or Friday this week depending on the next sto...
rm. At least some of those reliefs will be from Broome they want to give back for the help they have received. Note the area is supposed to get another rain and wind storm this week which could impact things again. I have enough availability to keep up reliefs for 3-4 weeks unless we get more requests for other counties. They did move some of the current staff out to fire island yesterday to help out there. Current availability we have is as follows:


If any of you can possibly provide additional resources please get that information to myself and Jeremy Demar from my office. He is also sending e-mails to his TERT list from his contacting the counties so I apologize if you get this twice but we want to cover all our bases. I am in court today from 1000-1200 but in the office most of the rest of the day. Thx Klinger

John M Merklinger, MS, ENP-Director
City of Rochester/County of Monroe
Emergency Communications Department
321 West Main Street
Rochester, New York 14608

D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP
911 Communications Response Team Supervisor
New York State Deputy TERT Coordinator

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