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Friday, November 2, 2012

Monroe & Onondaga 911 deploy on TERT response

ROCHESTER, NY - At 17:00 this evening, (4) Dispatchers from Monroe County and (4) Dispatchers from Onondaga County deployed on a TERT response to Suffolk Fire & EMS Communications in Yaphank, NY. Ironically, a TERT Deployment Awareness Class being given at the Monroe County Emergency Communications Department in Rochester was just ending as the request for assistance came in. The initial deploymen...
t duration is slated for roughly one week, give or take a day. It's entirely possible additional deployment requests will come in from the impacted area, due to the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy. More to follow as information becomes available. ------ submitted by D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP - New York State Deputy TERT Coordinator

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